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Emilio Carreño SL

We started being Emilio Carreño S.L. in 1981. Date on which we took the first step of a project that has grown to become a leading company in Spain in the manufacture of sanitary linen and sheets for hotels, hospitals, residences and tourist apartments.

Since then there are millions of people who have slept wrapped up in one of our sheets. Millions of shared moments that we feel part of in some way.

Today, we continue working with the same enthusiasm and conviction as in 1981, but with the experience that gives almost half a life taking care of your rest.

We started being Emilio Carreño in 1981 and we will never stop being one.


All the manufacture of Emilio Carreño S.L. It is designed, made and stamped in its facilities in Granada, which currently have more than 10,000 m2.


The rigorous manufacture of our garments, using the most modern machinery on the market, ensures the perfect adaptation for the use of the same, taking into account the specific needs of the user. Emilio Carreño S.L. WE MANUFACTURE INNOVATION and have Certificates in UNE EN ISO 9001 &  ISO 14001 thus guaranteeing quality throughout the manufacturing process, as well as the certification of all our products in accordance with the ECO-Tex 100 standard.

A long time ago we acquired a commitment to quality, with each product in which the Emilio Carreño brand appeared. A commitment that unites us to a land where, for generations, we started to supply our products. For this reason, all our sheets are made entirely in Spain, and today we proudly wear the "Made in Spain".

The catalog that we show has the effort of an expert and dynamic team, capable of offering a wide range of sanitary, work and hospitality garments.


 In the last year, we have licensed several patents related to research results developed by Hospital Research groups (visual indicator of noise pollution, 3D Hospital Pillow) .It has also recently implemented the UNE ISO14001 standard on environmental management, in order to make its contribution to the improvement of the environment.

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Tel: +34 648 580 835